Learn about Kooben, drill pipe hardbanding, and how to choose the best welding wire for your project.

Kooben was founded at Beijing, China in 2009 as Beijing Kooben Technology Co., Ltd. It manufactures and researches wear‐resistant cored wire used for hardbanding. The team that founded the company had all returned from locations abroad. The CEO graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Australia, and the CTO was a researcher in RWTH at Aachen, Germany. The company has its R&D and sales headquarters in Beijing and two modern factories based in Beijing and Guizhou. In addition, Kooben has eight R&D staff members, including two with doctorate degrees. The R&D staff members own more than thirty patents for wear-resistant welding materials. They have also published more than 100 papers in journals around the world. Read more »

Drill pipe hardbanding protects drill pipes from abrasion and other wear and tear. Workers typically weld the wire onto the tool joint. During this process, the metallic alloy making up the wire melts and increases in both width and thickness. It is commonly used for wells that are deep, displace a large amount of material, or are at an angle rather than vertical. It has become indispensable for major international oil drilling projects. Read more »

The best hardbanding wire chosen for your drilling operation will have a positive impact on your costs and profit. Different situations call for different hardbanding wire. Factors to consider include your drilling conditions, hardness, coefficient of friction, and the degree to which the wire accommodates reapplication. Read more »